Welcome to Ochanomizu Church of Christ

Dear Guest,
  To help you feel a little more at ease when you visit us, here's a brief description of what you can expect when you attend our worship service.


1.There will be a reception area where the usher will greet you upon arrival

2.You will receive a program, song book etc. when you arrive, so please feel free to come as you are

3.Seating is unassigned, so do sit wherever you feel comfortable

4.The service will be led by a worship leader, followed by the sermon

5.This will be followed by the "Lord's Supper" and all believers who have been baptized are welcome to share this with us

6.An offering bag will be passed around for those who wish to make a contribution. Dear Guest, If the bag comes your way, just contribute a smile and pass it on:-)

7.Announcements for the week will be made and guests will be welcomed by the congregation, so please do stand and give us a smile when your name is called

8.After the service, please feel free to meet with our Evangelist or Church Elders should you have any questions, or simply to say hello.


We look forward to having you with us at our next Worship Service.



The Congregation of

Ochanomizu Church of Christ